What is a Design-Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a workshop format developed by Google to efficiently find solutions for every sort of challenges that companies are facing. The focus is on the rapid development of results and proposals, which are then validated with real customers.

Remote Design Sprint Agenda

  • Day 1


    We receive input from internal experts and together we define the focus for the sprint. We learn Pain Points and Magic Moments from the target group to focus on the needs of our customers.

  • Day 2


    Through various creative methods, all team members become creative artists who bubble over with ideas.

  • Day 3


    We share the best solutions as a team, evaluate them, select an idea and plan its implementation as a prototype.

  • Day 4


    The designers concentrate on the implementation of the prototype, which looks deceptively real.

  • Day 5


    The last day is the highlight of the Design Sprint: We test the prototype with real users and receive valuable feedback for further development.

«A design sprint condenses months of project development into 5 days of efficient and result-oriented work.»— Manuela Hug, Design Sprint Facilitator


We rely on a combination of communication and collaboration tools:

  • Thanks to video chat, all team members are in communication with each other and the collaboration is personal.
  • Digital whiteboards enable the joint development of ideas and solutions in real time, no matter where the team members are located.
  • We stream all testings directly to Youtube so that all team members can be there live.
Virtual boardMural is a proven tool for digital collaboration.

Required hardware and software

Each team member needs a computer with webcam and internet access. Deep Impact provides access to all necessary online tools. In addition, all team members receive a sprint box with the necessary materials to sketch, brainstorm and stay fit.

«Co-creation with interdisciplinary teams must be possible in today's world, independent of location and digitally. And this is it!»— Fabio Schmieder, Design Sprint Facilitator


Every design sprint needs a challenge. This is not always easy to formulate. Together we can decide where to focus. A few questions will help:

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Sprint Team

The more diverse the sprint team, the better the sprint results. Different positions and personal experiences help to support the results. We are happy to help you to put together the perfect team.

Uncomplicated and fast to an innovative solution. Challenge us with your challenge:

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