Test the idea before investing a single franc in development.

The design sprint is a process derived from timeboxed Design Thinking, invented by Jake Knapp and Google Ventures. Its goal is to help enterprises build better products faster, using collaborative steps to develop a prototyped solution that is tested on the last day of the sprint.

It is a highly efficient framework that answers critical business questions by designing, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. And it works.The recipe is based on the approach of Jake Knapp and Google Ventures and has already given birth to several unicorns.

The recipe

The framework by Jake Knapp "Sprint" is an excellent tool for faster, better results. We've even shortened the sprint to 4 days, like Jake has done in the meantime.


In addition to all the advantages mentioned, there are many positive side effects: because a team deals so intensively with a problem and finds a solution together, the energy and motivation for the implementation is many times higher than in normal projects. Decisions are made faster, the solution is largely developed without a computer and smartphone (detox!), so the participants can fully concentrate on a single problem. This totally new experience welds a team together and brings dynamism into everyday life.

For whom is a Design Sprint suitable?

  • Are you facing the challenge of achieving more sales, more conversion or more users?
  • Do you want to redesign your website?
  • Should your product or service be modernized or digitized?
  • Do you have a product you want to launch?
  • A marketing idea that still needs to be validated?
  • A new business idea that should come to market quickly?

The design sprint world is multifaceted. We love challenges - test us!

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